Our company values​

The Carl SchwENGers GmbH stands for customer orientation, sustainability, reliability, honesty, diversity and innovation. These values determine our daily actions. They are a constant compass and guideline for us. We believe that consistent, value-based acting can make our world a better place. And we see it as our duty to contribute.

Together with our customers and partners, we practice our motto Engineering for the next generation on a daily basis.

Customer orientation

Customer Orientation Picture

Our customers are the focus of our actions. We work in a solution-oriented manner in order to best meet the individual needs of our customers.

Analyzing the needs of our customers correctly and mastering the challenge with and for our customers is the daily incentive for our actions.

We strive for long-term relationships because we are interested in supporting our customers on a permanent basis and growing together. The satisfaction of our customers is our success.



Sustainability Picture

Developing sustainable solutions for us means paying attention to the durability of the product, the recyclability of the materials used and optimal conditions for maintenance and repairs right from the development stage. By caring for our environment, we create a better world for future generations through our actions.

We also live sustainability in our everyday life by, whenever possible, taking business trips by bus, train and electric cars, using renewable energy, running a paper-free office and separating the remaining office waste. We also  procure our water locally and in reusable bottles and use fair trade coffee and environmentally friendly cleaning agents.



We stand for reliability. Our partners and customers can rely on us because we keep our promises and deadlines. We are proud that our our customers and partners trust and measure ourselves by our words and actions.

Through our investment into long-term cooperations, we want to build and maintain trust. We always focus our actions on a sustainable and shared future, so that the next generation can also rely on us.


Honesty Picture

Honesty is a core value for us. We attach great importance to honest and fair dealings with our customers and partners. We are transparent and open in our communication.

We openly address errors and focus on solving the problem. This is how we grow and improve together and also tackle new, unknown challenges with confidence.

We meet our customers with modesty and a sense of responsibility. We have no hidden agendas or opaque corporate policies. Instead, we stand for openness and trust.


Open minded Picture

Everyone is welcome. And every vote has weight. We do not recognize and make no distinctions based on origin, nationality, skin color or gender in our day-to-day actions.

We give space to ideas and arguments, regardless of position and responsibility. We evaluate new approaches without prejudice but solely on the basis of their feasibility and benefits.

Wherever possible, we make decisions together, for and with one another. Together we shape our share of the future and thus also a part of the next generation for all living beings on earth.



We encourage everyone to think outside the box. New ideas that make us as a company and our customers more effective and efficient are being established pragmatically.

We are always open to innovations that lead to the development of new business areas, processes or products. Successful testing and market realization is our aim.

With our actions, we promote progress and innovation at our locations with and for our customers in order to work together to preserve and improve the world for the next generation.

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