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Our core team consists of our experts. Our experts are engineers with 10 Р25 years of professional experience in the automotive, rail vehicle and materials industries. We supplement our core team with consultants who have 5 Р10 years of professional experience. Together we cover the entire portfolio of an engineering service provider and can therefore offer our customers the full service package of an extended workbench. Discover our services here.

The specialized experience of our employees also qualifies us in some core competencies to offer our customers particularly individual and extraordinary services and solutions. Explore our core competencies here.

We are deliberately not an engineering service provider that has made the unconditional growth and scalable business its goal. Rather, we are a team of highly trained and experienced engineers who work closely together in a family atmosphere, support each other and thus achieve optimal results for our customers.

For resource-intensive projects, we work together with verified national and international partners in order to be able to implement the necessary workforce to manage these challenges safely and competently in a short time.

Our experts

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Conrad Zilkens

Founder, executive partner

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Steffen Andreas

Senior expert

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Marcel Wille

Business development manager

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Stefan Angrilla

Senior expert

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Peter Fringe

Senior expert

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Michael Wumme


Note: We value and respect the privacy of our employees. Therefore, please understand that we have replaced the names of our employees with pseudonyms in the above presentation, with the exception of the management and those employees who agreed for the upload of their personal data.

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