Our portfolio


As a development service provider, we offer our customers from the automotive, rail vehicle, materials industry and aerospace technology sectors a comprehensive range of services to meet their technical challenges and develop innovative solutions. Our services cover all phases of the development process and enable holistic support from requirements analysis to continuous product development.

Our services:

  1. Requirements and usability analyses:
    As part of the system design process we attach great importance to a detailed analysis of the customer requirements, as well as the legal, operational and other specifications. Together with our customers, we determine the specific technical requirements and define clear goals for the project. This phase lays the foundation for the entire successful development process and serves as a guide for the later design stages.

  2. System architecture development:
    Based on the defined requirements, we develop an optimal system architecture. We particulary focus on clear structuring and efficient interface management. The system architecture defines how the individual components interact with each other and how they contribute to the overall result. Through precise functional decomposition, we can also identify potential areas for improvement and develop solutions that enable efficient system integration.

  3. System, software & hardware design:
    Here we move on to the actual development. We conceive and implement the system, software and hardware design. We rely on the latest technologies and methods to achieve first-class results. Our experienced team of engineers works closely with our customers to develop bespoke solutions that meet the needs and standards of both industries and clients.

  4. Verification / testing:
    System verification and testing are essential steps to check the functionality and quality of the developed products and, in particular, to verfiy that the defined requirements are met by the systems performance. Through thorough verification, we minimize the risk of malfunctions and contribute to the reliability and safety of the products.

  5. Product introduction:
    After successful verification and testing, we support our customers with the product launch. We support the integration of the developed systems into existing operational processes and ensure that smooth commissioning is guaranteed. Our experiences in the various industrial sectors enable us to make the product launch efficient and effective.

  6. Operation / maintenance:
    Even after the product launch, we stand by our customers. We offer comprehensive support for the operation and maintenance of the developed systems. Our goal is to ensure that the systems function optimally and achieve a maximum service life. Through regular maintenance and targeted optimization, we contribute to the long-term increase in the value of the products.

  7. Continous product development / updates:
    We understand the importance of continuous product development and innovation. Together with our customers, we continuously analyze the market and identify potential for improvement. We support the development and implementation of updates to keep the systems state-of-the-art and to ensure our customers’ competitiveness.

Our team of highly qualified engineers and our expertise in the industrial sectors enable us to support our customers as a reliable development service provider. We always strive for the highest quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction in order to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the individual requirements and needs of our customers.

Core competencies

We have specialized in technical skillsets in which we have distinct professional experiences. These core competencies are the key to our expertise and enable us to deliver constant and outstanding results to our customers. This is how we successfully master demanding projects and offer the best possible support for our clients.

Our core competencies:

  1. E/E-engineering:
    Our E/E engineering covers the entire development process of electrical and electronic system components for various industries. We offer expertise in system integration, selection and integration of components and the development of efficient system architectures.

  2. Functional analysis:
    Our functional analysis enables a clear structuring of complex systems and supports the interface management as well as the system integration. We identify potential for improvement, develop technical solutions and promote the reuse of components for more efficient development and reduced time-to-market.

  3. Model based system engineering:
    We support the transition from classic to model-based development approaches. With extensive experience in the development and support of models, we create a manufacturer and tool-independent “single point of truth” for you and protect you from the complexity trap.

  4. Project engineering:
    Our team of project engineers offers comprehensive project management for complex technical projects. We analyze requirements, create detailed project plans, implement effective risk management and coordinate collaboration between different disciplines.

  5. Fuel supply systems:
    We develop robust and efficient fuel supply systems that ensure optimal performance, reliability and safety. Our focus is on material selection, filtration, precise pressure control, and compliance with industry-specific standards.

  6. Reliability, availability. maintainability (RAM):
    Our expertise in RAM engineering (reliability, availability and maintainability) reduces product lifecycle costs and increases customer satisfaction. We optimize the design, identify potential vulnerabilities, implement effective maintenance strategies and ensure high availability of critical systems.

  7. Quality & process Engineering:
    With a focus on product quality, manufacturing efficiency and cost reduction, we analyze and optimize existing processes. Through lean manufacturing principles, quality control techniques and proactive quality management, we improve production processes and compliance with industry standards.

  8. Product management:
    We support the entire product life cycle by analyzing customer needs, defining product requirements, ensuring technical feasibility and aligning product development with market requirements. Our focus is on agile methodologies, technical excellence and regulatory compliance.

Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We bring expertise, experience and dedication to deliver successful projects and high quality products.

We are your solution provider

Development service provider

As a development service provider, we are your extended workbench and accompany you in all process steps from design, development, integration to product lifecycle management and updates. Through our cooperation with partners, we enable a fast ramp-up in our projects.

Our special focus in this regard is on the formation of long-term customer relationships and sustainable employee loyalty.

Engineering office

In our engineering office, we offer technical expertise and the passion to penetrate complex technical issues. We are constantly evolving to be able to assess the market and the products of our clients. Our goal is to always find innovative, new and sustainable solutions.

Technology consulting

We offer you tailor-made solutions and comprehensive advice in selecting the correct tools & technologies to meet the customer requirements of tomorrow. Our experienced team will help you identify, implement and optimize technologies to achieve your business goals and gain additional competitive advantages.

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